LOVE-LITERACY-LEARN: Help us spread the love of literacy in Tennessee this Valentine's Day

February 5, 2018

Governor's Books from Birth Foundation loves early literacy because of its impacts on a child’s education. Why do you love literacy?

Help us spread the love of literacy this Valentine's Day! From February 12 through month end, we are promoting our #LoveLiteracyLearn social media campaign, encouraging everyone to share why they love reading, early literacy or the Imagination Library program on social media. Here are some ways to spread the love: 

  1. Post a pic and/or video of why you love the Imagination Library and early literacy. You can also include a photo of your favorite book and why you love it. Be sure to tag us in your post, so we can share it and use the hashtags: #TNImagination #LoveLiteracyLearn
  2. Post a pic and/or video of your children with their favorite Imagination Library book and why they love it. Be sure to tag us in your post so we can share it and use the hashtags: #TNImagination #LoveLiteracyLearn
  3. Send an e-valentine to a loved one in honor of TN’s Imagination Library by making a donationA donation of $12 will provide a child with Imagination Library books e-card-v-day-gbbf-as-pic-(1).pngfor a year. In the “in honor of” section of the check-out page, indicate the name(s) and email address(es) of who you would like to receive your valentine, and we will send them a special Valentine's Day e-card to acknowledge your gift. This is a perfect way to say thank you to a special parent, teacher, friend or Imagination Library volunteer while celebrating Valentine’s Day with your friends and family. 

Our #LoveLiteracyLearn campaign is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of the Imagination Library on early literacy and education! The Imagination Library not only fosters a love of reading and a parent-child bond, but it also sets children on a path to early literacy. 


Here's why we are celebrating: #ThisIsWhatLiteracyLooksLike

Why does early literacy matter?


Read to Be Ready: Tennessee working together for early literacy

Goal: 75% of 3rd graders reading proficiently by 2025

2018 infants=2025 3rd graders

  • Students who are proficient in reading by 3rd grade are 7 times more likely to finish high school TN Promise ready.
  • The TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development finds that employers consider literacy skills essential in a qualified workforce.
  • High-quality education and academic achievement are found to be associated with improved health outcomes. Low reading scores and low health outcomes are related.

Impacts of TN's Imagination Library

There are numerous reasons to love the early literacy impact of Tennessee’s Imagination Library! Here are just a few:

  • Imagination Library participation provides exposure to basic print awareness and book handling skills, both essential concepts for future literacy development.
  • Tennessee research supports program impacts of early language development, school readiness, and higher educational outcomes through 5th grade. TN’s Imagination Library helps children develop early literacy and life skills, ensuring their educational success.
  • Compared to children who did not participate in the program, DPIL participants performed better on the Kindergarten Readiness measures even after controlling for demographic and socioeconomic factors, family reading habits, and enrollment in early education programs (Samiei, Bush, Sell, & Imig, 2013).
  • Studies in Tennessee show that children who are enrolled in the Imagination Library for longer periods of time during their five years of life are more likely to score higher on academic assessments through early grades. Further, those students are more likely to attend school more often and less likely to be suspended.


Click here to download #LoveLiteracyLearn graphics to share on social media.