BuzzWord - Humming Right Along in McMinn County

February 13, 2015

Congratulations to one of our Assistance Fund for Growth recipients! Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation awarded a $1,000 grant to McMinn County Imagination Library to assist in developing a new awareness and fundraising event:  “BuzzWord” – an adult Spelling Bee being held at McMinn County High School, March 6th.

With incredible community support, Julia Jett Reedy, executive director of McMinn County Education Foundation, and her team have put together a winning combination - an evening of fun to provide serious fundraising! From local businesses to the High School students, everyone is pitching in to ensure each child in McMinn County from birth to 5 years old will have an Imagination Library book in their mailbox each month.

“With a stage set for hilarity, our Parade of Teams (picture the opening ceremony for the Olympics) will kick off the night, swarmed by dancing little “bees” from our local dance studio to the jazzy music of the Wesleyan Community Band. Our Master of Ceremonies, News Channel 9’s Sports Anchor Darrell Patterson will keep things in hand, although each team is allowed a cash “bribe” to add to the overall totals for the night! Our Queen Bee will also be buzzing, serving as Word Mistress supplying each team’s challenging list of words.”

Businesses and local service providers are being courted to compete for spots on the program in a range of affordability: Bee Keepers ($500+), Bee Hives ($250+), Honey Pots ($100+), Honey Combs ($25+).

Community support has provided press, multi-media development, billboard space, program printing, as well as other important materials.  The crowning achievement has been involving the high school's building class.  These young people have used donated plywood to build logo signs for the event which have been placed all around town in advance of the event!  Athens is truly 'buzzing' with excitement in anticipation of the March 6th Spelling Bee.

With this groundswell of local & state support, this night of laughter will be the start of a new annual event - providing many families with cherished moments of reading to their children from a book from “a friend” - their local Imagination Library program.

Share your great ideas of rallying your community around the cause of placing Imagination Library books in the hands of the children in your county – we would love to promote your creativity!